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Our Story

Once upon a time (about the time, in fact, that the 19th century was turning into the 20th), a small poultry farm was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Taking its name from the trees that dotted its landscape, Willow Tree Farm rapidly became a mainstay of the local economy, producing fresh poultry and eggs for those who farmed it as well as for local merchants.

Over time, the business grew. Willow Tree became a thriving egg and broiler-producing farm, complete with a neighborhood retail outlet and door-to-door egg business. Later, with local poultry farming in decline, owner Chet Cekala uttered the words that would change history…

Chicken pie.”

Customers knew a good thing when they tasted it. Practically overnight, Willow Tree’s chicken pie business grew from Attleboro to all of Massachusetts to the entire New England area. History repeated itself with the introduction of Willow Tree Premium White Meat Chicken Salad, which is now carried by hundreds of wholesalers throughout New England and the East Coast, including supermarket chains and restaurants.

Willow Tree is a name that has come to symbolize comfort, quality, and value at the deli counter and in the freezer aisle for tens of thousands of families nationwide.

We’re proud to be serving you.

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The History of Willow Tree


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